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​02.11.2014 // Sustainable Business Oregon featured the partnership between Green Endeavor and Ponzi Vineyards.

02.12.2014 // Sustainable Business Oregon listed Green Endeavor as on the 15 companies to watch for in 2014

07.15.2014 // Baking Business The Long Co. engages Green Endeavor

08.14.2014 //  Trucking firms clean up with Green Endeavor

08.30.2014 // Bakery and Snacks Green Endeavor " Upscaling Green in Food Processing "

05.17.2016// Oregon BusinessFeature article " A Toxic Tale "  Green Endeavor


06.24.2014 // Cardinal Container

07.07.2014 //  Wedgworth Farms, Inc.

07.14.2014 //  The Long Co.

10.30.2014 //Green Endeavor Wins Innovation in Sustainability Award.

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" NEW" Green Endeavor expands in the Caribbean

Green Endeavor Inc. Appoints Chandra Brownas President

Green Endeavor, Inc. was recently featured in Oregon Business

Sustainable Business Oregon  featured the Partnership between Green Endeavor and Ponzi Vineyards.

Sustainable Business Oregon listed Green Endeavor as on the 15 companies to watch for in 2014

Green Endeavor Inc. has officially partnered with Underwriters Laboratories 

Green Endeavor, Inc cleans up in Oregon Business

Food Production Daily ​features Green Endeavor

What people are saying about Green Endeavor

"Our feed is blowing up! We have the press release on our blog and are retweeting and favoriting all the Tweets coming in. Great to see the interest." 

                                -Laurel Carroll, Marketing Manager at Ponzi Vineyards

"These guys are responsible for us finding and implementing a safe, cost competitive replacement for several hazardous chemicals in our facilities. They are also responsible for helping us attain the Governer's 2012 Award for Leadership in Innovation." 

                                -Kyle Stavig CEO at Myers Container

"Green Endeavor Cleans Up."

​                                -Linda Baker, Writer for Oregon Business

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