‚ÄčThis is what companies are saying about working with Green Endeavor to find them eco-focused solutions. 

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What people are saying about Green Endeavor

"Our feed is blowing up! We have the press release on our blog and are retweeting and favoriting all the Tweets coming in. Great to see the interest." 

                                -Laurel Carroll, Marketing Manager at Ponzi Vineyards

"These guys are responsible for us finding and implementing a safe, cost competitive replacement for several hazardous chemicals in our facilities. They are also responsible for helping us attain the Governor's 2012 Award for Leadership in Innovation." 

                                -Kyle Stavig, CEO at Myers Container

"We  deal with the most difficult of oils on a  daily  basis.  The oil is heavy and  can  be  difficult  to pick  up  and  absorb.  Green  Endeavor  analyzed  our  needs  and    provided  products  that  absorbed  a spill  of  bunker  oil,  leaving  it  completely  innocuous  without  any  residual  oil  that  normally would  have remained.  I  have   been in the oil  business for over  20  years  and  have  never found  a  product  to completely  absorb  oil  so  easily  and  quickly.   We  are  confident  that for daily    operations,  and more importantly  in  any  emergency,  the  solutions  provided  by  Green  Endeavor  will  not  only  get  the  job done  safely,  with  minimal    environmental  impact,  but  they  will  make  our  clean-up  efforts  easier, saving  us  money  and  time,"      

                           -  Danny    F.    Guerrero,    Technical    Service    Consultant    at    Vital FSM.

"We have been using Green Endeavor products for 4+ years now at Kellogg's in Battle Creek , MI and have had great success both from a cleaning perspective as well as the outstanding safety aspects of the products.   The solution's from Green Endeavor are every bit effective as Quorum Brown (Ecolab) but is so much safer. We recently had an incident where your solution splashed into an employee's face and eye and there was virtually no pain, irritation, or harm to the employee.

Had this been Quorum Brown the results would have been severe. 
The quality and safety of Green Endeavor products we have used are wonderful. I would highly recommend these products especially for those that are currently using the harsh chemicals."      

                       - Tim Stanley,  Sanitation Supervisor  at  Kellogg's USA Battle Creek, MI 

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