Our Focus

Industrial Cleaning Chemicals & Spill Containment Remediation

Sustainability plans often focus on Emissions, Energy, Biodiversity, Materials, Transportation, Waste and Water. All of these areas are important to the triple bottom line, but they miss one commonly overlooked area - cleaning chemicals.​​

     Other Services Incude:

  • Eco-Industrial Lighting Technology
  • Industrial Energy Solutions
  • Wastewater Management  

Employees, Environment, Equipment

Cleaning chemicals can present health and environmental concerns during normal use and adversely impact capital equipment.

​        Employees

  • Acute & Chronic health hazards – oral, inhalation, dermal, skin absorption

​        Environment

  • Toxicity to aquatic life – acute, chronic
  • Biodegradation – water, soil/sediment
  • Photodegradation - air
  • Ozone depletion - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), photochemical smog

​      Equipment

  • Accelerated depreciation of capital equipment

  • Corrosion of materials (metals)

  • Fading of paint

  • Deterioration of plastic, rubber (grommets, seals)

  • Etching of glass (windows)

We endeavor to source and screen the best cleaning chemicals available today that are safer for Employees, the Environment, and Equipment

Cost and Efficacy

Industrial cleaning applications require alternative chemicals to be as cost effective and as well performing as the hazardous chemicals they replace. Regulators and Environmentalists focus primarily on the health and environmental impact of chemicals.  Green Endeavor also focuses on two very important issues for businesses – Cost and Efficacy.

Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Market

The I&I Market is one of the largest users of toxic chemicals and thus has the greatest potential impact on humans and the environment.

  • Food & Beverage Processing

  • Government & Institutional

  • Healthcare/Medical

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Janitorial

  • Service Industry

  • Transportation